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Usborne Book Fair Links December 7-11, 2020
Great!  These are all on my channel, of course with all things internet parents need to make sure the kids don't see any of the randomnesses that might pop up after a video.  (my channel is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIQbBOoxZTdE1Rwq_S751mw/featured )

Read Aloud Picture Books:  https://youtu.be/W3ATloqkzAA
Scribble Books Explored:  https://youtu.be/6lA7q9nkkz4
Non-Fiction Fact Books:  https://youtu.be/qFLRiKANxdQ
Activity (Fun) Books:  https://youtu.be/eY_jGLcu8DI
Stocking Stuffers:  https://youtu.be/hsCvxx640iQ
How to shop my website:  https://youtu.be/q3-DYSpYbZ0

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