What's happening in first grade?


Scholastic Book Code: PDZ9Z

The class has had a lot of fun reading Dr. Seuss books. They read ‘Green Eggs and Ham’, Cat and the Hat’, and ‘The 500 Hats of Bartholomew’. They wrote about what green foods they like to eat and what they would store in their hats if they had a big hat like Abraham Lincoln or The Cat in the Hat. Have them tell you about ‘The Cat in the Hat’ with the puppets they made. In math we had fun learning about money, counting by 10s, comparing numbers, writing greater than, equal to, or less than. They had fun playing a money game. In science we learned about insects. They observed ladybugs, learned their life cycle, and played a fun game to help them remember the stages.


Sign up for Read-a-Thon!!!! Keep record each week of reading time with your student so they can win class and school prizes!


We are also in need of snacks. 

If you would like to help by purchasing gift certificates to Insectlore.com that would be great. I am also looking for a 10 gallon tank.