Homework is due Thursdays unless otherwise noted. 

1st Grade Homework

March 16, 2020

Hello All,

Education is going to be very flexible these next few weeks with the closing of school. It is important to remember that students who do not spend a few minutes reading, writing, and doing some kind of math each day will regress in their academic abilities. Even the two weeks of winter vacation put students behind from where they left off before break. With that being said, I am sending home a variety of things to work on. During this time, you, the parent, are 100 percent in charge of your child’s daily learning. I will be monitoring iReady lesson use and minutes read on the Read-a-thon. Once a week I will email/call families to see how things are going. Below you will see required expectations and suggested expectations. Please remember that daily activities are important, waiting until the last day before school starts to review is not beneficial. I encourage you to take this time to make lifelong memories with your child while working on their academic growth. Try to encourage students to be able to work independently on CKLA and DLR when it is just review.

Required Expectationsdue when students return to school

  1. Write/read/count unto to 120, by 1s, 5s, 10s
  2. Count change to make a total under $1.00
  3. Stay at or increase the level students are at in reading
  4. Stay at or increase the level students are at in writing
  5. Stay at or increase the level students are at in math

Suggested learning activities- plan based on child’s abilities and time

  1. CKLA- Complete Unit 5 and 6 workbooks and reader (pick which pages to work on)
  2. Eureka Math- Complete Module 3 and 4.
  3. Start learning clock time.
  4. Work on iReady lessons.
  5. Work on DLR packet.
  6. Write a journal of what they do. Use details to help paint a picture so the reader will feel like they are there. Edit sentences.
  7. Read and record minutes read on Read-a-thon page and/or paper sent home. Students will still get prizes for their reading when school resumes. Read alone and to someone out loud. Currently the public library is closed so I have hopefully sent home enough books for students to read.
    1. Bullard Books student picked out (return them when school resumes)
    2. Phonic Library Book- (All students took this book home, return them when school resumes)
    3. Andy Shane and the Queen of Egypt - (All students took this book home, return them when school resumes)
    4. Henry and Mudge and the Best Day of All - - (All students took this book home, return them when school resumes)
    5. Duke Ellington -- (All students took this book home, return them when school resumes)
      1. Make an advertisement for Duke Ellington’s show
      2. Try to use Brian Pinkney’s art
    6. The Story of Clifford- These books are for students to keep from Ms. Bullard 😊
  8. Get daily exercise and fresh air.
  9. Observe Nature- make a nature journal, experiment with nature, plant a garden, go hiking, build a fort, test to see what hold the most weight, etc.
  10. Play games with family.
  11. Do a puzzle.
  12. Limit tv/screen time.
  13. Be creative and interactive in your child’s education over the time we will be missing school.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me. If you need more books or would like puzzles or games to borrow, let me know. I am here to be your access to resources in these restricted times. I will try to check my school email as much as possible and get back to you in a timely manner. Also, if your family does not have internet, or you know of families who do not, most internet companies are giving free internet for the next few months so that families can access educational tools and stay in contact with their teachers.

Most importantly, enjoy the time you have with your child. When we return Noah will be the Gardener of the Week and we will have a Dr. Seuss Day and hopefully have earned our tie dye party! Keep an eye in your email for any further class updates.



Rebecca Bullard

1st Grade Teacher

Olympic Peninsula Academy

[email protected]

~ DLR: 23

~Eureka Math: 27,28,33,34,35,39,40

Check the sequences- as there are more than one ‘page 27’ etc in this math workbook.

~****Count, read, write to 120 by March 26.

~CKLA: Read (In the reader): ‘Jack’s Tale’ and ‘The Visit’

    Do: 39,45,49,61,65,66,67,73,74

 ~ iReady: 1 reading and 1 math lesson



Job Report

Due when each student is the Gardener of the week. See Ms. Bullard’s mobile for extra help.